Guide to Employee Background Check

Whenever a potential candidate gives an interview for a job, the company usually gets a background check done on them to ensure the safety of the company and its staff.  This also confirms that the information provided by the candidate is valid. This background check guide will help you learn all about the employee background check.

The first thing you should know is how much a background check can cost you. Depending on how much information you require about a potential employee, a background check can cost you around 30 to 80 US dollars.

It is important that you perform a thorough background check, equally on all candidates. Also, you should first consult with your lawyer on which background checks are relevant for an employee before they are hired to avoid any legal issues. If you are going to take help from a third party to get a background check done then choose a company that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Keep in mind that a reference check is different from a background check. A reference check means that you contacted former colleagues of the candidate to verify the information that was provided. If you do a reference check on a candidate then you do not need to disclose that, however, once you conduct a background check you need to give a copy of it to the candidate.

When you conduct a background check on a candidate it is important that you first take their permission, in case they do not permit to a background check when your request is reasonable, then you can remove the candidate from the list of potential employees by law.

The most basic background checks include criminal records, social security, address history, and sex offender registry check.