Pros And Cons of Working For The Postal Service

We feel like this isn’t said enough but the jobs are really out there – we’re just not taught how to look for them all that well. If you’re a fresh college graduate then you already have a lot of potential under your belt and this alone is enough to land you in a lot of promising careers. However, you need to realise that you’re probably not the only one trying to get into those career paths.

You have a need to pay your own bills and feed yourself so you can’t be sitting around waiting for your dream job forever. At the same time, most other jobs that you might apply to just so you’re good on income till you find the dream job you’re after will ask you to show prior experience. This can make your job hunt very daunting but it’s not over for you yet. Why not work for the United States Postal Service for a while?

Now, now. You might not like the idea of being some post man after you just graduated but there’s more to the job that you might think at first. Here are the pros and cons of working for the USPS Liteblue.


  • No prior experience required. This a job that anyone can begin and learn as they go along with it.
  • The pay out is good. You can make over $35 per hour once you’re past the beginner stage.
  • Chain of command is easy to follow thanks to You’ll always know what’s expected of you.


  • The work hours can be long.
  • There’s physical labour involved, which can be too much for low energy individuals.
  • Workers don’t like socialising to you might feel isolated.