The Advantages of Installing Bollards

Bollards are essentially posts made out of stainless steel, concrete or carbon fiber that are around 5 inches in diameter, and depending on their type, use and location can be of varying heights and up to a foot tall. They are used commercially, residentially and in a lot of other areas as well, and are known to have a lot of advantages and uses that we do not realize. If you happen to be looking for someone to install bollards in your area, you can check out Bollards Direct Melbourne for that.

  • Safety bollards are usually used around traffic and road areas. They are used to especially for different areas of traffic management like full or semi road closures, diversions and so on.
  • They are also used in parking areas as well to help organize car parks and prevent possible commotions so cars end up staying in their lanes.
  • They are also used when dealing with and maintaining an organized queue, preventing crowding or people cutting ahead and so on.
  • Bollards also help to protect buildings, sidewalks and other infrastructures from potential damage that can occur because of a car accident, because there are hundreds of incidences where cars have lost control and ended up causing damage to buildings and sidewalks.
  • Bollards also help to create a barrier between the sidewalk and the road, preventing cars from mounting onto the curb while driving or parking.
  • Keeping the previous point in mind, creating a barrier between the sidewalk and road also helps to protect pedestrians and other people passing by because in case a car does go out of control and ends up crashing, the safety bollards will end up absorbing the impact and stop the car, preventing it from reaching pedestrians, so it helps to protect people from possible injury as well.