What to Look For in a Help Desk Ticketing System?

In current times when each organization is projected to receive massive amount of uncategorized data, it can sometimes get hard to track and prioritize various inquires sent by the customers. The management of tickets at the help desk is not an easy task when it is being done manually and it is highly probable that your agents would make errors on monthly basis. Purchasing a high quality ticketing system can be very beneficial to your organization and help you invest your limited resources on other departments. With dozens of help desk software available in the market, you need to see a few features before finalizing your purchase decision.

Ticket automation feature is the first thing that you should look for, so that you can expect to get notified about pending tasks that you may have forgotten due to increased workload. The response time of your ticketing system should be fast enough to address the needs of the customers without any major delay. SLA, or Service Level Agreement, can be unintentionally violated by a user if they are not able to follow the designated rules. In most ticketing systems SLA information is uploaded on the webpage so that they customers can make a suitable choice when it comes to setting the level of priority. Kayako’s ticketing system software is very effective as it provides a real-time live chat option so that the customers can feel a sense of recognition whenever they contact your agents.

Ticket tags help the customer service agent save their time as they are instantly directed to a specific category of inquiry whenever they are implementing resolution strategies. Depending upon the context and level of serious of a complaint, you can customize various templates so that the customers have enough writing space to add their details.